It started with a couple of friends. We wanted to support and promote the Psy-Trance experience, bringing it to as many people as possible. When Tomorrowland came knocking in 2007 we thought “cool, we’ll host a stage for a year”. Sixteen years later, we’ve expanded our artist lineup at the festival and moved to a much larger stage to accommodate fans.

Music is for everyone, we believe. We aim to be fully inclusive and provide a broad selection of Psy-Trance, keeping the Psygathering experience fresh and relevant. With this approach, we’ve built a loyal fanbase and longstanding relationships with some of the world’s best dj’s in the genre.

Today looking back, the Psygathering name has grown way beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve expanded our brand beyond Belgian borders for events, and become music producers, partnering with global talent. This has allowed us to grow Psygathering as the Psy-Trance genre has evolved over the years, while keeping our fans front of mind.